What is a portable Wi-Fi jammer

What is a WI-FI jammer

Equipment in a compact case, which operates on a frequency of 2.4 MHz. The jamming range varies from 15 to 30 meters, depending on the model. Allows you to monitor wireless networks within a declared radius to completely secure your surroundings. Almost all spy equipment operates on frequencies in the range of 2.4-2.5 MHz, jammer will disarm any device in a given frequency range. Connecting this device, note that wireless keyboards, mice, and other appliance’s Bluetooth will stop working.

Invented and manufactured the first device relatively recently, in 2001, at the request of the King of Jordan. The current King was very annoyed by the phone calls during his prayers in the Temple. He approached the developers at Image Sensing Systems. Soon the first sample of a cellular jammer was presented. Over the years, the equipment has been improved and used in various industries, including the military, to protect against wiretapping and to avoid jamming planes and helicopters. Today, you can buy the gadget in a specialized offline or online store. The cost depends on the functionality of the quality of the internal components. Do not pursue a very budget jammer, 90% of them stop working after a month or two.

WI-FI jammer – a device that blocks the transmission of any information over a wireless link. It is used to protect closed conferences, confidential business meetings, examinations in schools and universities, at sporting events, premieres and theatrical performances.

How wifi jammer works

A Wi-Fi jammer generates interference in the radio airwaves. The frequencies in which wireless routers operate are clogged with “garbage”. As a result, the useful signal is blocked without reaching the addressee. The entire data stream is interrupted: the owner of the jammer will not be able to use the wireless network either.

The devices can operate on different frequencies. Modern Wi-Fi routers transmit data in two bands:

  • 2.4 GHz. In practice, the frequency ranges from 2,402 to 2,480 MHz, depending on the selected channel.
  • 5 GHz. Frequencies from 5,170 to 5,905 MHz are used.

The 5 GHz wifi band is a relatively recent development. Most devices are still operating on the old 2.4 GHz frequency, but over time there will be fewer and fewer. Therefore, a reliable wifi jammer must block both frequency bands.

Signal suppressors are usually used where it is important to protect information from leaks. Devices on the market usually block several types of wireless networks at once: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile GSM/3G/LTE. This set can be added blocking GPS/GLONASS and less popular bands.

The most powerful devices jam the signal within a radius of 200 – 300 m. These are relatively large models that are powered by the network. Pocket Wi-Fi jammers can be powered from a USB port or a battery, but their range will be much smaller, from 15 to 30 m.

How to choose a signal suppressor

Several selection criteria should be taken into account when choosing a device:

  1. The size of the device depends on where it will be used, choose a portable, pocket-sized suppressor, with a range of 10 meters – for your own use. If you need a device for the office – consider stationary models.
  2. In range, consider the thickness of the walls in the building, and the distance of the device from the source, which needs to be jammed.
  3. The number of operating frequencies, most, blocks not only Wi-Fi but also GPS, and GSM standards. Each frequency is responsible for a separate antenna on the device, you can optionally turn it off and on jamming the desired signals.
  4. The battery capacity affects the duration of operation of the device and the quality of signal blocking, the greater the capacity, the longer the will be continuous operation. You can choose an individual signal suppressor at an inexpensive price. Stationary and multi-frequency models are more expensive but more functional.

Muffler with his own hands, is it possible?

Yes, if you have a piece of simple soldering equipment and a circuit, you can make a muffler with your own hands. The self-made devices will not be as presentable in appearance in contrast to the conveyor model and will be less functional, but the wi-fi signal neighbor will be able to muffle. A scheme of a homemade device can be easily found on the network. The components that will be needed are:

  • Generator;
  • Antenna;
  • A cascade for amplification;
  • A tuning circuit with an interference generator.

A homemade device is useful for use in the home. In large rooms, it will be useless.

How to place a stationary suppressor

Some tips on operation:

  • To increase the signal suppression radius it is recommended to install the device at a height of 1.5-1.8 meters above the ground.
  • It is not recommended to turn on the device without connected antennas. Check the numbering of antennas and connectors on the housing.
  • Do not cover the instrument during operation.
  • Make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the room where the jammer is located.
  • Be sure to turn off the jammer from a network, after work.
  • To cover a large room, more than 20m2, use several devices.

How to jam your neighbor’s wifi

First of all, figure out why you want to block someone else’s wireless network. If your neighbor’s wifi is interfering with your router, a jammer is not the answer. It will not only block your neighbor’s wifi, but also you. In such a situation, simply choose another wifi channel on your router. Portable and desktop solutions against smartphone navigation systems, A-GPS, Glonass. GPS jammers and blockers for sale – anti GPS tracking devices – https://www.jammer-store.com/gps-blockers-jammers/

If you do decide to jam your neighbor’s Internet, use one of the following methods.

Set your router’s power to maximum. Before doing so, be sure to select the same channel your neighbor’s wifi works on. Aircrack-ng will help you determine the channel. This method is not very effective: at best your neighbor’s speed will drop, and at worst he will simply switch to another channel.

The method will also work with an inexpensive wifi adapter for your laptop if you set it up as an access point. Whether revenge on your neighbor is worth much money is debatable.

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